Free Downloads

Four chapters of the book are available as free downloads. These 4-page chapters may be freely copied and distributed, as long as they unedited and kept in full color. Following is the list of available chapters, together with download links.

Pandemic Busters Spanish Flu Chapter

 In this informative free chapters, readers will learn:

  • The connection between remedies for the Spanish Flu and COVID-19, and why they matter
  • The 7 top remedies that helped treat the Spanish Flu, and why they are important "pandemic busters" today
  • The  impact of pandemics on history
  • Why some hospitals had a much lower mortality rate than others during the Spanish Flu pandemic, and what we can learn from them.

Click here to download Chapter 1.

Pandemic Busters - Hydrotherapy
  • Why hydrotherapy is such a powerful healing tool in the face of COVID-19
  • Why the Finns love saunas, and the science that backs their claims
  • The least expensive and easiest alternatives to a sauna (for those who don't have one right handy in their homes!)
  • The benefits of polar plunges (and milder hot-to-cold hydrotherapy treatments)
  • Hydrothermotherapy--a new treatment option for cancer
Click here to download Chapter 4.
Gut Health - Coronavirus
  • The close relationship between gut and immune system health
  • How loading up with good bacteria in your gut can help to fight many diseases
  • Best foods to eat--and avoid--for optimal gut health
  • Other ways to improve gut health, and how quickly it can be done
Click here to download Chapter 7.
Dental Health - Coronavirus
  • The startling stats tying gum health to COVID-19
  • Health dangers when gingivitis progresses
  • "Mask mouth" and how to avoid it
  • The mouth-gut connection, and its role in overall health
  • The dangerous connection between gum disease and respiratory illnesses
Click here to download Chapter 18.